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About Phoenix Display

Phoenix Display has been in the custom display business for over a decade. We’ve served hundreds of clients and shipped millions of displays, establishing Phoenix Display as an industry leader across the country.

It’s not uncommon for OEMs to have unique requirements to meet their products specifications. Because PDI focuses exclusively with OEMs to supply mid-volume standard,custom and semi-custom LCD displays, we are able work directly with select customers to provide unique LCD product solutions for each application.

We start our design process based on the needs of your end products. We share the responsibility of the design process, ensuring the development of the optimal solution the first time.

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eagle What Our Clients Are Saying

Quickly and Easily Quantified their product

After getting an obsolete notice for our display, we contacted Phoenix Display. After a few weeks they had crossed our existing display and we were able to very quickly and easily qualify their product. Also, they agreed to carry stock in the US, which helped prevent many line down situations as our forecasting could not predict the actual demand well enough to get order placed within lead-time. Phoenix Display has been providing this same display configuration now for 9 years.

Consistent Delivery, Engineering, and Design Support

At the top corporate level we selected Phoenix Display as our LCD supplier to promote at our individual business units. To date: Phoenix Display is now supporting 4 different businesses with 12 different display platforms. PDI has now been successfully providing displays for over 8 years, and with the consistent delivery, engineering and design support, PDI has successfully freed up our group to be able to focus on other areas of the business.

Quality was even Higher

In the medical industry, we could not afford to re-qualify our product around an alternate display. Phoenix Display came in with a carefully designed exact match to the display that had been obsoleted by our previous supplier. We found that once in production, the quality was even higher with the PDI display as well. We transition a second display to PDI with the same results.