Flexibility Matters: How to Vet This in Your LCD Supplier

By Keith Mitnik / March 08, 2024

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We recently spoke with one of our highly esteemed, long-term customers about his experience with us. He said one of the factors he enjoys the most about working with Phoenix Display is how we offer flexibility in business, which he hasn’t encountered at this level with another LCD supplier. If you’re looking to work with the best suppliers out there, make sure that they offer this, too. Here’s why. 

Flexibility In Business

When customers say they want flexibility, what they really mean is that they want the vendor to make the process of working with them as easy and smooth as it possibly can be by accommodating the business practices of the end customer rather than forcing a customer to conform to the supplier’s operating practices.

An example of a lack of flexibility would be forcing the client to buy 5,000 parts per lot, have no control over the product configuration, and have to prepay at the time of the order. Such a situation isn’t uncommon, but it means that the customer is extremely boxed in. What if these terms don’t work for them and how they run their business? In many cases, the vendor just says no and something like, “Sorry, but you’re out of luck.”

At Phoenix Display, we operate completely differently than this. If a customer needs to buy in smaller lots, we’ll find a way to accommodate it. Each customer owns the configuration of our product as each product is made specifically for that unique customer.  If they don’t want us changing the part, we won’t. If they need standard payments, like paying 30 days after they receive the product, we’ll make it happen. We can’t guarantee we’ll say yes to every request a customer makes, but we can guarantee we’ll always try. 


Making The Process Easy 

When all is said and done, we want to make the process of working with us easy for our customers. Candidly, this can make it hard on our staff because now each of our projects are all handled differently from one another. When we train employees, we train them on all of the nuances between our customers, from ordering, shipping, stocking, delivery reporting, configuration control, QA reports,  invoicing,  payment terms, lead times, and everything in between. 

If your LCD supplier is making you work harder than necessary or bend your needs to meet their workflows and preferences, they have it backward. The least you deserve is the willingness to accommodate your needs, and ideally also the ability to. That’s what we pride ourselves on. 

Flexibility is working around the client‘s process and end product, not the other way around.

If you’re struggling in this area, we know it’s a huge change that no one wants to make. But if you come to us, we’ll help make it as easy and smooth as possible, and over-deliver in offering you flexibility in business. Give us a call!

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