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What To Know About Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective & Anti-Fingerprint Touch Panels

By Keith Mitnik / October 16, 2023
In today's digital age, LCD displays have become a key part of our daily lives, serving as the primary interface for many devices, including smartphones, laptops and much more. If you sell a technology that uses glass displays, you’re likely giving your customers vibrant visuals and crystal-clear information....
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Now Offering In-Cell LCD Display Technology: Here’s What To Know

By Keith Mitnik / September 06, 2023
As we always aim to deliver the latest LCD technology to our customers, Phoenix Display International (PDI) is happy to announce we’re now offering in-cell LCD. In this post, we’ll introduce the new technology to you and share what you need to know....
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Common Mistakes When Integrating LCD Displays in Electronic Product Manufacturing

By Keith Mitnik / August 21, 2023
When purchasing managers come to us for help, they’re usually either working on a new LCD display or frustrated by one of the five most prevalent problems with their existing display. Either way, we can help you figure out what to do next. If you’re creating a new design in electronic product manufacturing, read on for common mistakes to avoid. ...
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Why We Learned to Say No to 90% of Customers - to Benefit the 10%

By Keith Mitnik / May 08, 2023
When I tell people that we decline 90% of the potential customers who come to us, they’re often shocked. They want to know how and why we turn down so much revenue. Doesn’t this alienate prospects? The truth is, no. In fact, this practice has allowed us to give more to the customers we do have - and they’ve thrived as a result. Consequently, so ...
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Topics: customers, LCD manufacturers, business strategy

Putting Cost in Context When Designing Profitable Products

By Keith Mitnik / April 26, 2023
When most companies think of creating profitable products, balancing the price against the costs required to make the product is the usual equation that comes to mind. However, the best way to approach custom LCD design is by recognizing cost’s importance - and then considering it in the context of the overall system level cost. Here’s why....
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Topics: Quality, Cost, LCD Display

Keys To LCD Display Success When Designing New Products

By Keith Mitnik / March 22, 2023
One of the most fun parts of running a company that designs and manufactures LCD display modules is when customers come to us with a new product idea. But, this doesn’t mean the new design process is always easy. To ensure your design of LCD panels and displays is ideal,, you’ll need to also ensure you’re working with one of the top LCD ...
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Topics: LCD Display, new display products

How Saying No To 90% Of Customers Has Fueled Our Growth

By Keith Mitnik / March 15, 2023
When most entrepreneurs talk about how they’ve achieved growth, they usually discuss customer acquisition. But when I’m asked this question, my answer is very different. I credit something else with my company’s growth: selectivity with our clients. In fact, we’ve turned down 90% of potential clients, and said yes to only 10%. Here’s how this ...
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Topics: Insider, Quality, LCD Manufacturing

Why Cost Is Important, But Is The Last Reason To Think About Changing Suppliers

By Keith Mitnik / February 14, 2023
If you’ve read my bookand our posts, you’ve heard about the five main supply chain problems for LCD displays: obsolescence, delivery, quality, performance and cost. Many people think cost is a major driving force in why a manufacturer thinks about changing their supplier, but it’s actually the last one. Here’s a look at why LCD manufacturing cost ...
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Topics: Cost, LCD, LCD Manufacturing

A Key Advantage Of New Product Design & How To Maximize It

By Keith Mitnik / November 29, 2022
Even though there are many challenges inherent in designing a new product from scratch, you also have a big advantage when you go this route: you aren’t trying to fix a failing relationship with an existing supplier. Instead, you’re making a fresh start. To maximize the benefits of this, it’s important to choose a supplier for your new product ...
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Topics: Custom Designs, custom LCD Display

When It’s Time To Make Changes In Your LCD Supply Chain

By Keith Mitnik / October 17, 2022
Most of our clients over the years come to us when they have an overwhelming, obvious problem. But how do you know if your problem is big enough to require major changes on your part? For example, could you improve supply chain performance and create a more optimized supply chain by changing suppliers? Here’s a look at the idea of making change, ...
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