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How Saying No To 90% Of Customers Has Fueled Our Growth

By Keith Mitnik / March 15, 2023
When most entrepreneurs talk about how they’ve achieved growth, they usually discuss customer acquisition. But when I’m asked this question, my answer is very different. I credit something else with my company’s growth: selectivity with our clients. In fact, we’ve turned down 90% of potential clients, and said yes to only 10%. Here’s how this ...
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Why Cost Is Important, But Is The Last Reason To Think About Changing Suppliers

By Keith Mitnik / February 14, 2023
If you’ve read my bookand our posts, you’ve heard about the five main supply chain problems for LCD displays: obsolescence, delivery, quality, performance and cost. Many people think cost is a major driving force in why a manufacturer thinks about changing their supplier, but it’s actually the last one. Here’s a look at why LCD manufacturing cost ...
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Brief Explanation: What Is Happening Now with Phoenix Display - Covid - 19

By Keith Mitnik / April 10, 2020
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What Does the USTR Tariff Mean to the LCD Display Industry?

By Keith Mitnik / July 30, 2019
There’s been no shortage of news stories about the United States trade negotiations, most recently centering on the import tariff on China. If you aren’t fully familiar with the details, the purpose of this article is to provide some background.  The United States Trade Representative (USTR) increased the China import tariff from 10 percent to 25 ...
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