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How Do I Know What Type of Display I Need?

By Keith Mitnik / January 20, 2017
When it comes to your product utilizing an LCD display, it's the central component that your end user will be interfacing with and ensuring that you design for the perfect LCD display to match the needs of your market and your end user is critical. There's a host of different display options to integrate with your unique business needs, which can ...
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Topics: Color Displays, Customization, Touch Panel

Designing Displays to Take the Drop

By Keith Mitnik / December 16, 2016
Any portable or handheld device will be inevitably dropped. Humans do that. Because LCD displays are made of thin glass and glass can break, we face some design challenges. While making your display entirely unbreakable isn't possible, optimizing drop-test performance with a system level approach will help products pass display drop-testing and ...
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Topics: Color Displays, Monochrome Displays, Testing, Quality

Improving Viewing Angles - More Options Than You Think

By Keith Mitnik / December 09, 2016
The consumer television sector designed thinner displays and broader viewing angles to differentiate products and improve user experiences. These viewing angle improvements are now being adopted for the small-format industrial markets as well. What else can industrial display applications adopt?...
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Topics: Color Displays, Outdoor Displays, Monochrome Displays, Quality

What Are Your LCD Backlight Options?

By Keith Mitnik / December 05, 2016
When it comes to LCD displays, one of the most critical components of any design is the LCD backlight system. The backlight enables transflective displays to be visible in low-light situations and enables transmissive displays to be visible, period....
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Topics: Color Displays, Customization, Monochrome Displays

Obsolescence Mitigation for Your Display - What You Need To Know [PRESENTATION]

By Keith Mitnik / November 30, 2016
Don't Let Obsolescence Harm Your Business Obsolescence can be one of the biggest pain points that plagues any manufacturer, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Don’t let obsolescence bring your business to a halt. Make sure you have implemented a few simple obsolescence mitigation strategies....
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Topics: Color Displays, Obsolescence, Monochrome Displays

Current TFT Market Conditions

By Keith Mitnik / November 14, 2016
If you are in the market of color TFT LCD displays and you haven’t already been affected by the recent changes in the global market, then it’s just a matter of time. If you have recently asked, ‘What is going on with TFT-LCD panel prices lately?’, you are not alone. Here at Phoenix Display we have had a lot of questions regarding the TFT-LCD panel ...
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Topics: Color Displays, Supplier Problems

Key Things to Know About Sunlight-Readable Color Displays

By Keith Mitnik / September 06, 2016
Competing with the sun is tough for outdoor display applications. But technologies allowing enhanced display readability are there to tackle the challenge. First, know how your display will be used outdoors. Is it fixed or movable, as in hand-held? Fixed is more difficult. Hand-held devices like phones are easier because you can move your wrist to ...
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Topics: Color Displays, Outdoor Displays, Monochrome Displays