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The Key Benefits of TFT Color Displays for Modern Devices

By Keith Mitnik / June 05, 2024
Understanding TFT Color Display Technology What is a TFT Color Display? Thin Film Transistor (TFT) color displays represent a significant advancement in display technology, featuring an individual transistor for each pixel, which results in enhanced image quality and color accuracy. This technology is crucial for devices requiring precision and ...
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Preventing Field Failures in LCD Displays: Strategies for Every Phase of Your Product’s Lifecycle

By Keith Mitnik / May 14, 2024
Field failures in LCD displays can significantly impact user experience and product reliability. At Phoenix Display International, we understand the criticality of these issues for our clients, from those facing the challenges of obsolescence to those in the throes of designing groundbreaking new products. Let’s explore the most common causes of ...
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Navigating the Lifecycle of LCD Display Components: Proactive Strategies for Managing Obsolescence

By Keith Mitnik / May 08, 2024
Obsolescence is an inevitable challenge in the lifecycle of LCD display components. However, with strategic foresight and rigorous planning, its impacts can be effectively mitigated. Inspired by Keith Mitnik’s pragmatic approach in "Why Change? An Engineer’s Mindset to Repair Your LCD Display Supply Chain," we delve into the essential strategies ...
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Hard Lessons: The Customer Really Is Always Right

By Keith Mitnik / April 04, 2024
A few years after starting Phoenix Display, I learned a lesson the hard way. We’ve all heard the phrase that “the customer is always right,” but sometimes, we choose to overlook it. If we think our process in a particular situation is especially valid, we might justify doing what we want we think is right instead of what the customer needs. Here’s ...
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What To Do When Your Manufacturer Stops Producing Your Part

By Keith Mitnik / March 19, 2024
There are few factors that can alter a product’s future as potentially dramatically as component obsolescence can. If your supplier tells you that one of your LCD parts will be obsolete, do you have any recourse? Do you have to make major manufacturing changes? Is there a way to prevent such an outcome entirely? Here are some answers to these ...
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Flexibility Matters: How to Vet This in Your LCD Supplier

By Keith Mitnik / March 08, 2024
We recently spoke with one of our highly esteemed, long-term customers about his experience with us. He said one of the factors he enjoys the most about working with Phoenix Display is how we offer flexibility in business, which he hasn’t encountered at this level with another LCD supplier. If you’re looking to work with the best suppliers out ...
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What To Know About Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective & Anti-Fingerprint Touch Panels

By Keith Mitnik / October 16, 2023
In today's digital age, LCD displays have become a key part of our daily lives, serving as the primary interface for many devices, including smartphones, laptops and much more. If you sell a technology that uses glass displays, you’re likely giving your customers vibrant visuals and crystal-clear information....
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Now Offering In-Cell LCD Display Technology: Here’s What To Know

By Keith Mitnik / September 06, 2023
As we always aim to deliver the latest LCD technology to our customers, Phoenix Display International (PDI) is happy to announce we’re now offering in-cell LCD. In this post, we’ll introduce the new technology to you and share what you need to know....
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Common Mistakes When Integrating LCD Displays in Electronic Product Manufacturing

By Keith Mitnik / August 21, 2023
When purchasing managers come to us for help, they’re usually either working on a new LCD display or frustrated by one of the five most prevalent problems with their existing display. Either way, we can help you figure out what to do next. If you’re creating a new design in electronic product manufacturing, read on for common mistakes to avoid. ...
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Why We Learned to Say No to 90% of Customers - to Benefit the 10%

By Keith Mitnik / May 08, 2023
When I tell people that we decline 90% of the potential customers who come to us, they’re often shocked. They want to know how and why we turn down so much revenue. Doesn’t this alienate prospects? The truth is, no. In fact, this practice has allowed us to give more to the customers we do have - and they’ve thrived as a result. Consequently, so ...
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