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Designing Displays to Take the Drop

By Keith Mitnik / December 16, 2016
Any portable or handheld device will be inevitably dropped. Humans do that. Because LCD displays are made of thin glass and glass can break, we face some design challenges. While making your display entirely unbreakable isn't possible, optimizing drop-test performance with a system level approach will help products pass display drop-testing and ...
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Topics: Color Displays, Monochrome Displays, Testing, Quality

Avoiding The 8 Killer Display Integration Design Errors

By Keith Mitnik / December 14, 2016
The following design “gotchas” are the ones we most often encounter with our many display integration customers. There are plenty more when it comes to designing displays, but these are the ones we generally help our customers get past on their way to successful product designs. Here we will help you identify and avoid them....
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Topics: Testing, Quality