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How Saying No To 90% Of Customers Has Fueled Our Growth

By Keith Mitnik / March 15, 2023
When most entrepreneurs talk about how they’ve achieved growth, they usually discuss customer acquisition. But when I’m asked this question, my answer is very different. I credit something else with my company’s growth: selectivity with our clients. In fact, we’ve turned down 90% of potential clients, and said yes to only 10%. Here’s how this ...
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Back to the Future: Updates in Display Technology That Will Affect Current and Future Projects

By Keith Mitnik / May 02, 2017
There’s nothing worse than making an LCD display technology design decision only for their applicability to be outdated in much less time than expected. That’s why it’s important to remain aware of the updates in display technologies available in the market. This will arm you with the right information to make an informed design decision....
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