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How to Duplicate any Display (Video)

By Keith Mitnik / April 24, 2020
The majority, about 70%, of our new client projects fall into this “5-Problem" category 5-problems:           -Delivery           -Obsolescence           -Quality           -Performance           -Cost Even more now in this new environment where customers may need to switch quickly based on the 5 problems...
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You Asked, We Answered: How PDI Helps Customers with Custom Designs

By Keith Mitnik / March 21, 2019
At Phoenix Display International, we make custom displays for our customers. But we find that there are still a lot of misconceptions about the cost of custom designs, and what the process entails. In order to clear that up, this post will give you a look at how we go about creating a custom design and answer some of the most common questions we ...
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