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What To Know About Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective & Anti-Fingerprint Touch Panels

By Keith Mitnik / October 16, 2023
In today's digital age, LCD displays have become a key part of our daily lives, serving as the primary interface for many devices, including smartphones, laptops and much more. If you sell a technology that uses glass displays, you’re likely giving your customers vibrant visuals and crystal-clear information....
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Phoenix Display International Taps into Expertise and Creativity to Save Citrix Display

By Keith Mitnik / June 11, 2018
Phoenix Display International (PDI) had been working with Citrix, a global provider of digital solutions, for five and a half years. The relationship started over the need for the PDI team to solve Citrix’s delivery and cost issues, but when a new project was introduced in 2014, there were new requirements that could not be satisfied by the ...
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