PDI CrossMatch Program

By Keith Mitnik / April 01, 2020

30% of our new clients are seeking new displays for their new product development programs.

But the majority, about 70%, of our new client projects fall into this “5-problem category”, where our clients are seeking an alternate display solution with the objective that we solve one more of the five following issues:






As the “5-Problem” category make up about 70% of our business, over the last 15 years we have developed a specific repeatable process to completely address this. 

The CrossMatch objective is 3-fold

Objective 1) Identify and resolve any of the 5 problems the client is currently experiencing with their existing display solution.

Done through: Design, Logistics, Supply Chain, Alternate Components, Lean Manufacturing

Objective 2) Create a display solution that is 100% compatible with the incumbent LCD display so that there is little to no impact on the clients’ end product.

Objective 3) Accomplish 1 and 2 with little to no support from the end customer

In this program, we've outlined the roles and responsibilities of both Phoenix Display and the customer to illustrate how simple this process will be for our customers. 

The alternative is for our customer to change display products without a matched display in order to resolve the 5 problems. But, in the back end this typically requires a much more costly design change to accommodate this new display solution.