Phoenix Display International Introduces Full Line of Bar Type Displays

By Keith Mitnik / September 17, 2019

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At Phoenix Display International, we’re always creating the highest quality color TFT LCD displays for new applications. And while the most traditional aspect ratio of the TFT LCD panel in the market is 4:3 or 16:9, there are times when a wider aspect ratio is needed. This is where a bar type display panel enters the picture. Here’s some more information about our new bar type display products and why you might have a need for them. 


Why go wide?


Most of us are familiar with the 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios mentioned above, since this is typically what you’ll find with monitors and TVs. But for some applications, a much wider display panel allows the content to be maximized within the end product’s envelope.  Leading to an improved functionality over these traditional display products. Thus, introducing the Bar type displays, which are often referred to as “ultra-wide” or “stretched,” to meet this market need. 


The applications for a bar type display panel are varied, but we see a need for these most often in the following industries: Industrial, public transportation, advertising, gaming, vending, automotive, medical, home appliance and more. 


What can you do with it?


Bar type TFT color LCD display modules from Phoenix Display can be integrated into any number of projects in multiple applications. Our products range from 2.9” to 21.3” diagonal, and we can treat them pretty much the same as our standard color TFTs. We can’t change the glass size, but we can offer the same semi customization as we do for our traditional color TFT’s. 


The semi customization includes accommodation of alternate mechanical needs, interconnect interface needs and/or the electrical interface, and we can also modify backlights and surface treatments. We regularly make these into high bright sunlight readable displays. And, if touch screens are needed, we can use our standard or custom resistive and projected capacitive touch panels for any application.


How are these made?


There are two ways to make a bar type display panel. They are built as wider part in their native design as you see them.  But this isn’t always practical since TFT displays have to be built in high volume and these display formats are unique and don’t always drive the same demand as their traditional counterpart. Second, you can actually cut the LCD panel from a larger glass panel. To do this, you’d take a larger 16:9 panel and turn it into something smaller with a much wider aspect ratio by cutting along the horizontal edge. Then you’d reseal it, and you’d have a wide aspect ratio and bar type display. At Phoenix Display International, we offer both types for our products.

If you’re curious about bar type displays, and whether you might benefit from them, please give us a call or check out our bar type products here. We’d love to advise you about the best type of display to meet your needs.

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