Why Phoenix Display is Perfectly Suited for the Industrial Market

By Keith Mitnik / February 25, 2019


 At Phoenix Display International, we work with a wide array of customers from numerous industries. But we’ve found that some of our best projects have been with companies within the industrial market. This has always been a major area of focus for us..

So if your business is industrial, and you’re looking for top display manufacturers, here’s why you might want to consider coming to Phoenix Display International.  

1. Top Tier Quality

Oftentimes, industrial products like instrumentation and government products, are intended to be in the field for a long time. They’re also often placed in rugged harsh environments, so they must withstand the elements and repeated use.

One example of this is a point-of-sale terminal that has different users pass by every 30 seconds. In this sort of a scenario, the users don’t own the product (and therefore don’t treat it very well), so it gets very mistreated time and time again. At Phoenix Display International, our design for use and quality levels support this kind of abuse. So even if your products are used in harsh environments or by a variety of hands, they’ll last over time.


2. Longevity of Supply

While consumer products often change year-to-year, many industrial products remain in production for a decade or more. But it’s not easy to find partners that commit to manufacturing the same component for 10+ years.

At Phoenix Display, obsolescence mitigation is one of the services we do for new customers.  Many of our industrial customers come to us once their LCD display is no longer available for their current supplier, yet they still have demand for their end product.  We use our Crossmatch process to create the 100% compatible replacement display and get our customers back in the game.  Since we do this regularly for new customers, it’s an even simpler process for existing clients.  We don’t obsolete our products, but when a component that we are using for your product does goes obsolete, we proactively manage the redesign process and eliminate or minimize the impact to our customers.

Because of this focus, we have many products that are going into their 15th+ year of manufacturing.

3. Mid-volume Focus

Some products run in what we call low-volume (0-2000/yr) range, these can be very niche, and possibly high mix products.  These typically might be purchased as standard off the shelf and  from a stocking distributor.  While other products have very high volume (200K+/yr) demands (like with the cell phone and laptop market).  These high-volume products come with very high minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements. Phoenix Display International lands right in the middle; we are mid-volume, by intention.

By focusing exclusively on mid-volume, we give our industrial customers the right pricing structure by having enough volume to build per each individual order rather than stocking and redistributing, resulting in much better pricing than low-volume suppliers. We also control and customize each configuration for each customer, and manage the manufacturing process specific to the needs of each client.  We can get our MOQs as low as possible to support the business needs of our industrial customers.  

4. Customizability

As with everything we do at Phoenix Display International, our ability to customize our displays around our customers’ needs is second to none. We know that industrial products have unique requirements, and we can fulfill those. For example, many handhelds need very small, extremely rugged and very well integrated packages. Or if a display will be used outdoors, we can figure out if it needs to be transflective or transmissive, whether it needs sunlight readability enhancements, touch panels, or help with EMI shielding.  



Since the volumes are higher, we’ll be building in mid volume quantities, and are able to manufacture efficiently and effectively.

Our list of industrial clients includes communication, instrumentation, test and measurement equipment, and displays for alternative automotive vehicles (like golf carts, snowmobiles, buses, boats, and rideshare bicycles). Furthermore, we create medical equipment, data servers, point-of-sale terminals, gas pumps and more. We even outfitted an entire opera house with a bar type color TFT display for every single seat.

By creating a wide range of products, all of which have a common need for a custom solution, longevity of supply, low cost and high quality we can give the right mid-volume pricing, support and production needs necessary for our industrial customers. And when our competitors have obsolescence issues, we even solve that for their customers.

When all is said and done, our main goal is to support our customers for the entire duration of their product’s lifecycle. Can we help your industrial company in the same way? Contact us to learn more.

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