Why Would You Ever Call....    5 problems of LCD displays Explained

By Keith Mitnik / May 08, 2020


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Why would you ever call us :

This is the first of a six-part series on the 5 problems of LCD displays.

We boiled it down to this:

There are only 5 problems with LCD displays.  Our clients reach out to us if they have any one or more of these problems or if they are developing a new product that requires a display.

What this does is:

Simplifies the conversation by identifying your exact pain points so we can quickly identify your needs and figure out if we can solve them.

Outside of new product design these are the only reasons to contact us:

In order of occurrence






The most common is obsolete displays, where our customers are still producing their end product, but the display supplier has discontinued the display without providing a suitable replacement.

Followed by delivery, longer than expected lead times and inconsistent deliveries cause stress on manufacturing and lead to missed customer commitments.

Quality. Not to be mistaken with performance.  This is where the LCD display is not meeting the specification standards or simply a clients’ expectations. 

Performance. This is where the part does not work as well as you want.  The display could very well meet the specification, but an improvement to sunlight readability, brightness, contrast, color gamut, response time, among many others could make the end product work better and ultimately help our clients sell more of their product.

And Finally cost, surprisingly this is the least common.  The pain of changing LCD suppliers is high, such that all the previously mentioned problems end up costing more than a typical cost delta between competitive suppliers.

This is the first of the 6 parts series where we have identified the 5 problems. This allows us to communicate with our clients and zero in on what the opportunities are to make an improvement. 

The balance of these videos will go through these 5 problems one by one to discuss exactly how we solve each of these problems.

Thanks for watching.

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