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How to Duplicate any Display (Video)

By Keith Mitnik / April 24, 2020
The majority, about 70%, of our new client projects fall into this “5-Problem" category 5-problems:           -Delivery           -Obsolescence           -Quality           -Performance           -Cost Even more now in this new environment where customers may need to switch quickly based on the 5 problems...
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Brief Explanation: What Is Happening Now with Phoenix Display - Covid - 19

By Keith Mitnik / April 10, 2020
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Everything you Need to Know about Capacitive Touch Panels

By Keith Mitnik / April 18, 2019
You’ve determined that you need a Capacitive touchpanel.  Did you know about the different options available? And if so, how do you start figuring out which type will work best for your application?...
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You Asked, We Answered: How PDI Helps Customers with Custom Designs

By Keith Mitnik / March 21, 2019
At Phoenix Display International, we make custom displays for our customers. But we find that there are still a lot of misconceptions about the cost of custom designs, and what the process entails. In order to clear that up, this post will give you a look at how we go about creating a custom design and answer some of the most common questions we ...
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Everything You Need to Know About LCD Display Lead Times

By Keith Mitnik / January 12, 2019
First of all, don’t be afraid of the word “custom” in front of LCD display. The idea of getting exactly what you need is very exciting, but your enthusiasm could be quickly deflated by all of the misconceptions of this process and not being able to meet your budget or schedule. At Phoenix Display International, we don’t want this to happen to you. ...
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