Achieving Enhanced Touch Screen Performance and Durability with Optical Bonding

By Keith Mitnik / March 13, 2017
When touch screens or cover glass are integrated into a product, they need particular attention to design and manufacturing, this is even more critical for outdoor performance. Part of that special attention is the bonding method between the display and the touch screen, or the touch screen to the front cover glass. Optical bonding creates a ...
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Topics: Touch Panel

Wrapping Your Head Around the LCD Procurement Process

By Keith Mitnik / March 06, 2017
The purchasing process for LCD displays can be quite complex. And as a procurement manager, you’re ultimately accountable for ensuring your end users receive the displays they need, when and where they need them....
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Topics: Supplier Problems

Q&A: What Kind of Display, Touch Panel and Life Cycle

By Keith Mitnik / February 28, 2017
At Phoenix Display we understand that your display project is one-of-a-kind. We've compiled some of your commonly asked questions and our answers in this Q&A blog....
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One More Supply Chain Problem Solved: LCD Display Delivery [PRESENTATION]

By Keith Mitnik / February 02, 2017
Eliminate LCD Display Delivery From Your List of Supply Chain Problems Your number one job is to sell and promote your product to the market. If you can’t follow through on your commitments to your customers, not only will you lose business opportunities, but you will also lose the confidence to internally and externally promote your brand....
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When Should I Go Custom?

By Keith Mitnik / January 30, 2017
Determining when you should take the custom route for your LCD displays can be a challenge. Once you dispel the most common misconception that a custom display leads to higher unit price, the analysis becomes much simpler....
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Topics: Customization

What to Ask When Vetting a New LCD Display Supplier

By Keith Mitnik / January 25, 2017
It may have been years since you last switched to a new LCD display supplier. And chances are, that original vetting process may not have been very thorough if done at all, which may be why this is why you're re-evaluating today. Asking the right questions during this process clarifies what you need for a successful partnership with your display ...
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Q&A: Display Integration, Going Custom & More

By Keith Mitnik / January 23, 2017
At Phoenix Display we understand that your display project is one-of-a-kind. We've compiled some commonly asked questions and our answers to them in this Q&A blog. ...
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Topics: Delivery, Customization, Obsolescence, Cost

How Do I Know What Type of Display I Need?

By Keith Mitnik / January 20, 2017
When it comes to your product utilizing an LCD display, it's the central component that your end user will be interfacing with and ensuring that you design for the perfect LCD display to match the needs of your market and your end user is critical. There's a host of different display options to integrate with your unique business needs, which can ...
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Topics: Color Displays, Customization, Touch Panel

How Much Should Your LCD Display Cost? [PRESENTATION]

By Keith Mitnik / January 13, 2017
7 Steps to Achieve the Ideal LCD Display Cost Cost can be difficult to quantify and understand, and as producers and consumers, it’s often the first problem we complain about in reference to a product or service. However, the cost of your LCD display is not set in stone, and often times the ideal option is a custom or semi-custom display designed ...
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Topics: Customization, Cost

5 Key LCD Display Challenges

By Keith Mitnik / January 10, 2017
Delivery. Obsolescence. Quality. Performance. Cost. Five simple words that can equate to significant LCD display challenges for you. Here’s how you can successfully address and resolve these 5 LCD display challenges:...
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Topics: Delivery, Obsolescence, Quality, Cost, Performance