How to Plan for Obsolescence with Your LCD Displays

By Keith Mitnik / July 27, 2017
Component obsolescence is unavoidable with every device, LCD displays included. Understanding that fact is an important first step in preparing for this inevitability....
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Designing Displays for Use in Explosive Environments

By Keith Mitnik / July 03, 2017
In building equipment designed for use in hazardous environments, there’s a specific set of standards depending on the level of intrinsic safety required. That’s why you abide by certain standards, such as ANSI/ISA-RP, for all of the equipment you design....
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LCD Display Issues: Determining Who or What is at Fault

By Keith Mitnik / June 12, 2017
To mitigate the impact of and possibly prevent future issues, you need to identify where the fault lies....
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3 Major Signs Your LCD Displays are Becoming Obsolete

By Keith Mitnik / May 25, 2017
Planning for LCD display obsolescence is undoubtedly one of the last things on your to-do list. But how do you know when it’s time to get involved? There are three major signs to look out for that can help you decide....
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Dangers of Cheap Displays

By Keith Mitnik / May 08, 2017
When you’re responsible for purchasing LCD displays for your organization, you’re typically charged with obtaining cost reductions. With that constraint, you’re challenged to find the cheapest displays available....
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Back to the Future: Updates in Display Technology That Will Affect Current and Future Projects

By Keith Mitnik / May 02, 2017
There’s nothing worse than making an LCD display technology design decision only for their applicability to be outdated in much less time than expected. That’s why it’s important to remain aware of the updates in display technologies available in the market. This will arm you with the right information to make an informed design decision....
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Achieving Enhanced Touch Screen Performance and Durability with Optical Bonding

By Keith Mitnik / March 13, 2017
When touch screens or cover glass are integrated into a product, they need particular attention to design and manufacturing, this is even more critical for outdoor performance. Part of that special attention is the bonding method between the display and the touch screen, or the touch screen to the front cover glass. Optical bonding creates a ...
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Wrapping Your Head Around the LCD Procurement Process

By Keith Mitnik / March 06, 2017
The purchasing process for LCD displays can be quite complex. And as a procurement manager, you’re ultimately accountable for ensuring your end users receive the displays they need, when and where they need them....
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Topics: Supplier Problems

Q&A: What Kind of Display, Touch Panel and Life Cycle

By Keith Mitnik / February 28, 2017
At Phoenix Display we understand that your display project is one-of-a-kind. We've compiled some of your commonly asked questions and our answers in this Q&A blog....
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One More Supply Chain Problem Solved: LCD Display Delivery [PRESENTATION]

By Keith Mitnik / February 02, 2017
Eliminate LCD Display Delivery From Your List of Supply Chain Problems Your number one job is to sell and promote your product to the market. If you can’t follow through on your commitments to your customers, not only will you lose business opportunities, but you will also lose the confidence to internally and externally promote your brand....
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Topics: Delivery