Q&A: What Concerns Should I Have With My Display End of Life?

By Keith Mitnik / October 03, 2017
The reality is that display end of life (EOL) is inevitable given a long enough timeline. What matters most is how you handle it....
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Topics: Obsolescence, End of Life

Q&A: Display Integration, Going Custom & More

By Keith Mitnik / January 23, 2017
At Phoenix Display we understand that your display project is one-of-a-kind. We've compiled some commonly asked questions and our answers to them in this Q&A blog. ...
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Topics: Delivery, Customization, Obsolescence, Cost

5 Key LCD Display Challenges

By Keith Mitnik / January 10, 2017
Delivery. Obsolescence. Quality. Performance. Cost. Five simple words that can equate to significant LCD display challenges for you. Here’s how you can successfully address and resolve these 5 LCD display challenges:...
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Topics: Delivery, Obsolescence, Quality, Cost, Performance

Delivering Display Integration Value, a Focus on Monochrome Displays...How it Happens

By Keith Mitnik / December 19, 2016
Customers come with a wide range of design challenges and no two are exactly alike. Addressing issues, including obsolete displays or components, logistics problems and design improvements is our forte. The following display integration design engagements demonstrate some of the ways we're helping our monochrome display customers create more ...
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Topics: Customization, Obsolescence, Monochrome Displays

5 Problems With LCD Displays [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Keith Mitnik / December 12, 2016
The world of LCD Displays can be rather intricate, but the good news is that most of the problems are not complex. Learn about the 5 main problems today from our infographic!  ...
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Topics: Delivery, Obsolescence, Quality, Cost, Performance

Obsolescence Mitigation for Your Display - What You Need To Know [PRESENTATION]

By Keith Mitnik / November 30, 2016
Don't Let Obsolescence Harm Your Business Obsolescence can be one of the biggest pain points that plagues any manufacturer, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Don’t let obsolescence bring your business to a halt. Make sure you have implemented a few simple obsolescence mitigation strategies. ...
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Topics: Color Displays, Obsolescence, Monochrome Displays

My Display is Obsolete. Now What?

By Keith Mitnik / August 30, 2016
What Steps Do I Take When My Part is Obsolete? Any business or organization knows that managing all of the components requires careful and regular attention.  So what happens when you find yourself with an obsolete discontinued display? If you’re tasked with purchasing components, this is a stressful experience.  You’re not sure how to address the ...
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Topics: Obsolescence